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welcome aboard!


Welcome Friend! Rather you're a grizzled old-school BBSer, or totally new to the whole Bulletin Board System (BBS) world, we have something for EVERYONE!

We originally were online back in the mid 80's. We started out on a "powerful" Tandy 1000 EX, running MS-DOS/Desqview. At our highest point, we were a PC Mag top 100 BBS in the US running 4 US Robotic modems, multi node chat, RIP graphics, Role Playing SIG's, tons of registered games, WAREZ, and more running under OS/2 Warp! After stumbling on a BBS 2 years ago, I felt the itch to return to the BBS scene.

and here we are back!

General Information


This website is divided into, simple to navigate sections. To connect to the Bulletin Board Systems, click on the 'Connect' link. from there you'll have access to telnet to the three main Bulletin Board Systems.

Do you have questions or need help with something? Click on 'Blog'. I will also be posting updates and current upgrades to the BBSes.

Need to  contact me directly? click the 'contact' link. Feel free to explore any area you like! We're here for your enjoyment!