Frontier Hardware
 Enjoy your stay!

The New Frontier 2 BBS

  • 35,000+ Files
  • 40+ Online Games
  • Lots of Echomail

The Amiga Frontier BBS

  • 6,000+ Files
  • Amiga Echomail
  • Amiga ONLY BBS

The New Frontier 2 SLBBS

  • 60,000+ Files
  • Online Door Games
  • Echomail (Very soon)

Future BBS Plans

Please note that some of the BBS's are a work in progress. I'm constantly working

on fixing and upgrading things. If something doesn't work right PLEASE send me a

message and I will get to it as SOON as I can. I plan on adding a Apple based BBS

as soon as I the other 3 to my satisfaction.


  Enjoy your stay!.

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